How old are you?


What do you do?

I am the store manager of Anthropologie in Bakery Square.

Describe your beauty routine.  

Evolving. It used to be nothing. Now, I’ve started using the Mario Badescu facial cleanser and the Drying Lotion.

—Which facial cleanser? The green seaweed one?

No. It’s the gentle gel cleanser?

—The green one. That one smells so good. And fresh.

Umhm. Only after having a baby have I gotten acne, which makes the drying lotion really amazing cause it feels like it’s working, even if it’s not really. It feels like it’s minimizing the acne situation.

I definitely also started moisturizing, which I never did before. I think that’s because of you. You yelled at me once for not using moisturizer.

—Awesome. I’m glad I have such a good influence. What kind of moisturizer do you use?

I used to use that yellow Dramatically Different moisturizer from Clinique, but out of convenience, my sister had given me the Time Wise Mary Kay moisturizer, and I’ve just been using that. I’ve been using Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF. In general, I have a lot of her makeup and I love using it. Just putting the tinted moisturizer on makes me feel worlds better even if use it alone.

What is your favorite product?

I mean honestly, I could use Aveda products until the day I die I think they are the best thing in the entire world. They smell very natural and earthy and I love that. I don’t like feeling like I smell like alcohol and fake flowers. The shampoos and conditioners are amazing. And I’ve heard their coverup is awesome I just haven’t gotten to buy it yet.

Shampure is one of my favorite products ever made.

And Be Curly! Be Curly is the best thing for people who have wavy hair.

—Like us.

Universal cream. Have you ever used Universal cream on your hair?

—I’ve never heard of Universal cream… how is this possible?

It’s so good. It’s thick enough that it gives your hair texture but light enough that it’s not going to be greasy. And the smell is amazing.

—I will have to check that out, now that I am embracing the natural crazy texture of my hair. Wait, is it part of the Brilliant line? 

Yeah, maybe.

What is your desert island product? 

Oh man. Hmm. It would have to be some kind of hair product. Like Universal cream or Be Curly. It’s the thing I go through the quickest.

What is beauty, to you? 

I mean, I find people who are their natural selves at all times to be very beautiful. I like when people feel confident but can embrace the times that they don’t. And I honestly find people who are thoughtful to be the most beautiful. It’s something I always try and work on. I’m always worried I’m not engaging in thoughtful gestures, etc. Physical stature wise there is nothing hotter than a girl that can rock a pair of red lips. And cat eyes, I can’t do those and it makes me so jealous.

–You could though, if you taught yourself. They are very hard though.

I can’t even use regular eyeliner.

–what about those eye crayons?

I think I tried them once in college. I just don’t feel v natural when I have eyeliner on. And I only put mascara on the top lashes. Which probably makes me look unnatural, but every time I try to put it on my bottom lashes I look like a kid who just tried mascara for the first time.

—I never wear mascara on my lower lash line either.

But you have dark eyelashes! Mine are blonde as blonde can be. And without mascara I look either tired or young, I cant decide.

—I definitely think mascara can do wonders. But I am against the lower lash line application.

I remember them saying that in a beauty magazine, to never put it on your lower lids. Every time I think of it, I think of Natalie Imbruglia… she could do it, but not really anyone else.

Do you think of yourself as beautiful? 

Yes. I struggle with my body, and with my skin, but that’s not what the whole picture is. I have so many good qualities physically but I think I have even more personality wise, that I don’t think I can consider myself to be anything but a beautiful person.

—I concur.

Awe, thanks friend.

Earliest beauty memory: 

Do tampons count?


Um, I was never taught how to put makeup on. My mom bought some for me at some point but I forget when that was. I really didn’t care that much about makeup… I didn’t really think too much about it. I did start to love to do hair though. Doing my own updos and doing it for friends for plays or for prom, or something. So I guess that would be my earliest time that I actually cared about, or was struck by beauty. That would explain why I love Aveda products so much, because they are very hair focused. I started getting my hair done at an Aveda salon in sixth grade, so I’ve always loved it.

When do you feel most beautiful? What does that look like? 

I feel most beautiful when I’m well-rested, which is not often, but I also feel pretty beautiful when I’m having those spectacular parent moments, when I feel like I look good and I’m rockin this mom thing, and all the pieces are falling together… also not very frequent, but it happens. Looking at my children, I see a lot of myself and my husband in them, and that adds its own level of beauty into it, because I have to see those things in them as beautiful and realize that Im part of that.

I mean, admittedly, when my husband is looking at me the way he did when we first met.. 13 years ago today, actually. … he still looks at me that way a lot. That makes me feel good, like to know that I still have things going for me physically.