Jenna, feeling beautiful.
Jenna, feeling beautiful.

How old are you?


What do you do?

I’m a hair stylist.

Describe your beauty routine.  

For the most part, I like to keep things simple. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I try to keep my makeup light but complementing. I swear by all Bare Minerals foundations/concealers, and I recently started using Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer for the summer. I only feel complete when I put on blush and some type of lip. Kat Von D is the queen of lipstick that stays, with ranges of colors to choose from. As for eyes, unless it’s a special occasion or I’m really feeling it, I usually only wear mascara. I have yet to find a mascara I love, but I do feel like bolding my brows helps distract from my lack of liner and shadow.

As for my hair, again, I keep it simple. I work at a beautiful salon in Shadyside called MCN and we carry Kerastase and, my personal obsession, Bumble and Bumble. I try to keep less than 3 products in my hair for the sake of being able to add more as the days go by. I typically only wash my hair every 3-4 days, so dry shampoo is a necessity. Towards the summer months, I use any Bumble Surf products (the new Spray foam is the best of all worlds) to create the perfect beach hair. My hair usually has some type of kick or wave to it, so even when its “straight” by most people’s definition, it’s not. However, for softness and shine as I’m blowing it dry I love to use Bb. Hairdressers Invisible Oil. I like to relate it to Moroccan oil, without all the weight. The 6 featherlight oils melt into your hair, and it doubles as a heat and UV protectant.

 What is your favorite product? 

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. It works wonders for your blemishes overnight. Literally.

What is your desert island product? 

Hypothetically, if I was on a desert island my hair would feel like it’s in its natural habitat. Gritty, salty hair for days! I would have to follow my very wise mother’s advice to always wear sunscreen, so probably some type of SPF moisturizer.

What is beauty, to you? 

Love this question. As I type this, I’m staring over my laptop to blue sky & sunshine, and I see beauty clear as day. I like to see the beauty in absolutely everything. I definitely have my moments when life catches up and the vision gets cloudy.. but thankfully, I always come back to the beauty of it, whatever it is. In general, I think beauty is self-expression. It could be in the way you greet a loved one, or the way you dance when you hear your favorite song. Everything from the inflection of your voice when you get excited or upset. It’s all beauty to me. I love to think that I am, in fact, in the business of beauty. My day to day usually ends with me covered in hair, but a truly successful appointment ends with a connection between me and another human being. The best day I had recently, I ended with 3 different clients getting out of my chair saying “I’m so happy, I could cry.” That’s beautiful to me.

Do you think of yourself as beautiful? 

All the time? Absolutely not. I’m my own worst critic & disciplinarian — so it can be tough sometimes. However, I have the absolute most amazing people surrounding me on a daily basis to remind me that I am, even when I don’t think it. To be a healthy, happy human being, it’s so important to surround yourself with those kinds of people.

Earliest beauty memory: 

Well, when people ask me when i started doing hair, my usual response is “When i realized I had hands.” I was always cutting my own hair, my Barbies & baby dolls hair, anyone who would let me, really. I do, however, remember the sights (and smells) of my mom getting her hair permed in my kitchen when I was really young. Little did she know, she had 18 years of yelling at me to STOP doing hair in the kitchen ahead of her. (LOL sorry mom!)

When do you feel most beautiful? What does that look like?

I feel the most beautiful when I’m working. I’m in my element, completely. I should be a bit more specific and say I feel the most beautiful when I start work because it’s a little tough to feel beautiful after you worked 9 hours in heels. But in all reality, that actually makes me feel even MORE beautiful sometimes. I love to challenge myself like I said, I’m my own best disciplinarian… But, when I can look in the mirror after a long day and be proud of what I’ve accomplished, that s when I feel the most beautiful.


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