Vickie does not have any selfies. She is pictured with friends, second in from the right. 

How old are you?              


What do you do?

I work at a university.

Describe your beauty routine.  

My beauty routine… Um. I don’t feel like I’ve ever really figured out products — especially hair products. My biggest pieces of my beauty routine I think would be moisturizer in the morning and washing my face at night. Those are the two biggest things for me. And then I make up the rest in between. (Laughs.) As you know, I’ve started introducing the gym into my day, so I’m trying to figure out which products are best for that kind of thing. I use Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer, which I love.

Whoa! I’ve never heard of that! Where do you get it? Where did you hear about it? 

I think it’s become a lot more popular because now you can buy it at Target, but I first bought it because the Yes To website was having a sale and almost every product of theirs was like, two dollars. It’s a little thicker than my other one, so it’s good for that dry winter skin. Out of everything I tried, I loved that moisturizer. I tried a Yes to Carrots shampoo that smelled horrendous. But I super loved the Tomatoes one, and I use it all the time. Sometimes I still check the website for sales, because I love finding things that are on sale. At the gym though, I use the Mary Kay Timewise moisturizer. I really like the Timewise line, like that foundation I gave you? That was a Timewise product.

I LOVE that foundation! Truly the best one I think I’ve ever used. I’ve been recommending it to people. 

If only I were still a consultant. (Sighs and laughs.)

 What is your favorite product? 

Burt’s Bees chapstick. I also really like — I think it’s a CC or BB cream —it’s called SuperGoop. I found it when I was getting Birchbox. I love it because it has light coverage and SPF and also moisturizes.

I love BB and CC creams, and I feel like because I was an esthetician, I should know the difference between them, but I don’t. Yet.  

I want to say it was a Korean thing originally, but I don’t know if it’s because I have a bias for Korean things.

You are Korean, so that would make sense.  Korean Skin Care is major, though! It has been getting lots of press in recent years here, but really the beauty industry in Korea has been a huge thing for a long time.  

I tried snail cream once. Because my friend found it, and we ordered it. And it came in a jar shaped like a snail. It was great.

What was great about it? And, you won’t believe me, but this is the SECOND TIME TODAY that I’ve heard about snail excrement skincare products.

Well, it was great, because it smelled really good, which you would not expect. But it made your skin feel super soft.

I am sold.  

Where else were you talking about snail excrement?

Oh, just with a girl at work. 

What is your desert island product? 

Like if I was stranded on a desert island and could only use one product? Conditioner, definitely. I don’t think I could survive with my hair in a rat’s nest. I really love Ogx —they have a coconut milk shampoo and conditioner, and it smells amazing and makes my hair really soft.

What is beauty, to you? 

(Pauses.) I think it’s about confidence. Things that make you feel good about yourself. Feeling like you’re bringing your A-game.

Do you think of yourself as beautiful? 


Earliest beauty memory: 

I think I have two. My mom used to keep her makeup in a bathroom drawer, and when my sister was a toddler, she went into the bathroom for a really long time, and got really quiet, which was not a good sign. When she came out, she had used my mom’s mascara like eyeshadow and painted her face with it. She couldn’t get it off, because it was mascara, and it stuck to her. So I think that was my introduction to makeup.

Wow. Sounds not so positive. 

It was really funny. Then when I was in 7th grade, I had a best friend who was way cooler than me, and she was really into makeup and hair, and was really good at it. She introduced me to eyeliner in particular. It became the one thing I wouldn’t leave the house without. I associate my teen years with angst and eyeliner.

When do you feel most beautiful? What does that look like?

I think even when you asked me to find a picture of me, I realized I didn’t have any pictures of just me, so I think it’s when I’m with my friends. I’m definitely an introvert, and I like having alone time, but I think I’m most myself — and that would hopefully mean most beautiful — when I’m with my friends (and my husband, too). I think being around people that make me feel that I can be me is when I feel most beautiful. And I think sometimes that’s challenging because I’m filled with sarcasm and cynicism, which makes looking at myself as ‘beautiful’ hard, because I don’t necessarily think those things are that. But that is me.

Don’t you think you can be those things and still be beautiful? Beautiful does not mean optimistic and pleased and bubbly all the time. You know? Authenticity is beautiful. Being true to oneself. 

In general, I think when you see the women’s magazines always portraying happy smiling people, and also happy topics, there’s this expectation that to be beautiful, you need to be ‘perfect’. I feel like women’s magazines have become the epitome of beauty these days, and they don’t dig into the real stuff.

That is true. Social media too, much of the time. Shoot. 

I think you’re right. Genuine people are beautiful. I mean, you can be an asshole and if that is really who you are, that’s beautiful. I can be an asshole. (Laughs.)

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