“This picture was taken just months after having my breast cancer and a double mastectomy. It was the first time I was really out and got dressed up after having cancer. It was the first time I actually felt like myself again and that people might view me normally. I was still dating and not married and I was terrified no one would be able to look past the cancer, my fake boobs and love me for who I became.” 

How old are you? 


What do you do?

I have my Master’s in public health-I just started consulting in October, after 11 years as the Assistant Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Metro Boston. I still work primarily in Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Planning.

Describe your beauty routine.  

I have a 21-month old, so I don’t do much. I don’t wear makeup every day anymore. I never had bad skin, so I am even bad about washing my face. My new year’s resolution is to start a skin care regimen — and I’m going to stick with it this time (fingers crossed).

What is y
our favorite product? 

I am a cancer survivor so I’ve tried to start using “cleaner” products. I found a skin care line that is all natural and they have become my favorite products.

That wouldn’t happen to be Tata Harper’s line, would it? 

It is that line!

What is your desert island product? 

If I’m going to be on a desert island, it would have to be a moisturizer with SPF — don’t want to damage my skin more than I did in my teens and twenties.

What is beauty, to you? 

I think beauty is feeling comfortable with yourself and being happy in your own skin.  Nothing is more beautiful than self-confidence.

Do you think of yourself as beautiful? 


Earliest beauty memory: 

I was bullied a lot when I was younger because I developed early and didn’t fit the kid version of pretty. I had super short curly hair, I was always the tallest, stopped being able to wear kids clothes by the 5th grade — so I never felt pretty or liked.  Moving when I was ten didn’t help anything. I don’t think I felt beautiful until I got my hair straightened for the first time in middle school. I remember thinking, “Hey, there might be some potential here!” (Laughs.)

When do you feel most beautiful? What does that look like?

I’m actually a girlie girl — I like dressing up, putting on makeup and getting my hair done. When I’m shiny from head to toe is when I feel the most beautiful.

How do you, as a woman in today’s society, think you can influence other women to help them feel more beautiful? 

I think being positive towards other woman is important.  Not everyone is going to fit society’s view of beauty…but we all need to support each other and be a positive force in each other’s lives.  Women supporting other women is important.